Like most successful musicians, Dennis Leogrande has worn many hats throughout his career. With an M.A. Degree in Music Education from NYU, he was an accomplished and respected educator in the NJ school system for 25 years. He is also an international film composer, author, and inventor of the violin/viola teaching aid, the Tone Shaper.

Some of Leogrande’s proudest accomplishments are his jazz compositions for solo piano. Just Sayin’... is a collection of 12 original solos for jazz piano. Please click here for a review by Kathy Parsons

Yesterday Once More – Original Piano Melodies for the Eclectic Romantic is an album of 15 original works for solo piano in a jazz style. For the performer, a book of scores for each CD is published separately. Please click here for a review by Kathy Parsons

Albums Déjà Vu and Hope... were released in 2022. Please click here for reviews by Kathy Parsons and

"Syzygy," Leogrande’s three movement composition for jazz piano, was premiered in the prestigious Carnegie Hall, NYC in 2013.

His life-long experience in education and performance led him to fulfill his passion for recording with the opening of The Great Kate Studio in 1998. Leogrande’s background truly does make him the quintessential engineer. He’s there to coach you through the process and bring out your best possible performance with warmth, professionalism, and ease. He is proud to make every client a welcomed guest in his home.