The Great Kate Studio is a boutique studio located in North Haledon, NJ, offering audio and video recording at competitive rates. Pianists, vocalists, and instrumentalists from solo artists to ensembles will find our intimate recording room the ideal space in which to realize their artistic vision.

Our studio features a Yamaha 6’1” C3 conservatory grand piano, which never fails to elicit a “WOW!” from pianists---classical, jazz, and pop.

Our clients form a broad spectrum: classical artists preparing material for symphony and opera auditions; students assembling portfolios for college applications, competitions, or music camps; amateurs recording their talents as gifts for friends and family. We take special pleasure in working with talented, young artists at the start of their careers who are packaging their music to shop for management and/or publication.

In addition to digital audio recording, we also offer hi-def video recording for those performers who prefer to be seen as well as heard.

Owner Dennis Leogrande believes that making clients feel comfortable and relaxed is the sure fire way to assure their best performance. We have a policy of never booking two artists or groups on the same day; you will determine the length of your session, not the clock, not the next booking.

If on site recording is what you are seeking, we can accommodate you as well. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility of our studio meeting your recording needs. You are even invited to stop by to give either a look or a listen, preferably both!